Betting sites not on GamStop – UK List for 2024

Many in the UK are looking for the best betting sites without GamStop. This is because they want to bet online without restrictions. Around 5% of people in the UK bet on sports, making the UK the biggest sports betting market in Europe. But, some players want to enjoy more options and bonuses, so they search for non-GamStop sites.

These non-GamStop betting sites in the UK, often referred to as offshore betting sites, get their licences from abroad. This makes sure users play in a safe and reliable place. These gambling sites are regulated by international authorities and offer various bonuses and promotions. In 2024, recommended sites are DonBet, which is considered the top non-GamStop site overall. For those looking for great odds, FreshBet is a good choice. If you love soccer, GoldenBet is the leading site. And MyStake offers great coverage for horse racing bettors.

Since 2023, Cosmobet has been known for fast payouts. VeloBet is known for its easy sign-up and big bonuses. Rolletto is good because they pay out on the same day. Jackbit is a top choice for those wanting to use cryptocurrency to bet. And Rollino offers big bonuses to its users. With these options, players in the UK can have an exciting and varied betting experience.

Understanding Betting Sites Not on GamStop

Betting sites not on GamStop have become popular. They offer an alternative for those who want to bet, but not at UK sites linked to GamStop. GamStop launched in late 2017 and became a must for all UKGC licensed betting sites by 2020. It helps people in Great Britain and Northern Ireland control their gambling. But, if you’re looking for sites without these restrictions, non-GamStop betting sites exist. They’re called non-UK casinos because they operate without UK licences, avoiding GamStop rules. These non-GamStop betting sites provide a unique online gambling experience with more freedom and rewards, especially for those who have opted for self-exclusion.

✨ GamStop and Its Restrictions

GamStop aims to fight gambling addiction with an easy-to-use self-exclusion scheme. Once signed up using personal info, users can’t visit UKGC sites like Partypoker or Betfair, as GamStop is mandatory for all UK Gambling Commission licensed betting sites. However, sites not regulated by UKGC can still be accessed. This is why non-GamStop sites, with bigger welcome bonuses, are growing in popularity.

✨ Benefits of Non-GamStop Betting Sites

Betting Site

Non-GamStop options offer benefits for betters. They include betting freedom, access to more international events, and diverse payment choices. While these sites offer less banking options than UKGC sites, their betting markets are rich. For those prone to gambling, self-exclusion must be managed through direct contact. And, players outside the UK find GamStop irrelevant, making these sites ideal for them.

Casino Year Launched Minimum Deposit Welcome Bonus Pros Cons
Betti Casino 2022 10 GBP
BigWins Casino 2022 20 GBP 24/7 customer support, Super-fast payout, Attractive offers No VIP benefits
DonBet Casino 2022 20 GBP Immersive gaming experience, Vast game selections, Mobile support No telephone support
Seven Casino 2023 20 GBP Simple layout, Juicy deals, Safe banking methods The website is unavailable in some countries
Winner Casino 2009 20 GBP 400% up to £4,000 + 100 Free spins Simple layout, Fast registration process, Mobile support The platform is unavailable to players in some regions

Top Features to Look for in Non-GamStop Betting Sites

It’s vital to look into what makes non-GamStop betting sites special, often referred to as offshore bookmakers. These sites, not connected to the GamStop self-exclusion scheme, offer unique advantages. They focus on safety and fun, providing a great betting experience. Non GamStop bookies offer diverse payment options and a wide range of sports betting events.

✳️ Security Measures

Keeping your information safe is a top priority on these sites. They use top-notch SSL encryption and firewalls to protect data. What’s more, they are backed by serious watchdogs like the Malta Gaming Authority. So, they meet strict legal and security standards.

✳️ Betting Markets and Odds

Offshore betting sites are known for their wide variety of markets. They also boast competitive odds and features like live streaming, making them enjoyable to use. You can bet on over 30 sports, including unusual choices like futsal.

✳️ Bonus Offers and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions, including generous welcome bonuses, are big draws for players. Sites offer deals like 100% bonuses or deposit matches up to £2000, and 100 free spins. They also have cashback, loyalty programs, and VIP rewards up to £25,000, to keep players happy.

✳️ Payment Options

These sites make it easy to deposit money, accepting various payment methods, from e-wallets to crypto. They have a low min deposit, like £10. With no-fees on deposits and high withdrawal limits, they ensure smooth banking.

Casino Launch Year Bonus Offer
SpinLand Casino 2024 100% Bonus up to £800
Galaxy Spins Casino 2023 400% Bonus + 100 Free Spins up to £2000
DonBet Casino 2023 150% Bonus up to £750 + 50 Free Spins
Betti Casino 2023 Daily payout limit £5000, Min Deposit £10
InstaSpin Casino 2024 100 GBP Deposit Match and 100 Free Spins

DonBet: Best Overall Betting Site Not on GamStop


DonBet is known as the best betting site not on GamStop. People love it for its easy layout and wide range of bets. This lets everyone find something exciting to bet on.

Sports Betting Options

At DonBet, you can pick from over 300 leagues in 38 sports. This includes big ones like the UEFA Champions League to smaller sports. There’s a lot to choose from.

Virtual Sports and eSports

DonBet shines not only in real sports but also in virtual sports and eSports. They have a lot of options for eSports fans. You can bet on big eSports matches here.

Betting Markets and Odds

DonBet has a massive range of bets, including simple ones and more complex ones. The odds are competitive. This means you get good deals on your bets.

User Experience

User experience is key at DonBet, which is designed to be user-friendly for everyone to use, no matter if you’re new or experienced. The DonBet Casino gives a 150% bonus up to €750 and 50 free spins. Plus, it has over 6,500 games. This adds to the fun.

Feature Details
Sports Coverage 300 leagues across 38 sports
Casino Bonus 150% bonus up to €750 + 50 free spins
Number of Games 6,500+
eSports Markets Comprehensive eSports coverage

FreshBet: Non-GamStop Bookmaker with the Highest Odds


FreshBet is now a top name in betting beyond GamStop. It stands out with its great odds and various ways to bet. Sports, horse racing, and eSports – it’s all here for fans.

New players get a huge boost with FreshBet’s 100% welcome bonus up to £1500. And you only need to start with as little as £20. This makes betting fun for anyone wanting to try their luck.

Many UK bettors are choosing sites like FreshBet, MyStake, GoldenBet, and BetNow. They offer more betting options and odds that are hard to beat. This trend clearly shows bettors’ interest in finding the best deals.

Are non-GamStop sites safe? Yes, they are quite secure. FreshBet, just like sites on GamStop, takes safety seriously. Being known for this builds trust. It’s one big reason why UK bettors are turning to such sites for their passion, especially with the added benefits of a VIP program.

Here’s a table to show you what makes different bookies special:

Bookmaker Welcome Bonus Minimum Deposit Key Feature
FreshBet 100% up to £1500 £20 High odds
MyStake 150% up to £200 / 100% up to £1000 £20 Varied betting choices
GoldenBet 10% unlimited cashback £20 Extensive market depth
BetNow 100% up to £500 £10 Competitive odds

More and more UK bettors are picking non-GamStop platforms like FreshBet. This trend highlights a clear like for these sites. They offer a big selection of games, including jackpot ones.

To wrap up, FreshBet wins with its high odds and great bonuses. It’s loved by UK bettors looking for good value and lots of choice. This shows its place as a top choice in the betting scene.

GoldenBet: Best Non-GamStop Site for Soccer


GoldenBet is known as the leading soccer betting platform beyond GamStop. It offers broad sports coverage, fair odds, and big bonuses. This mix attracts many players. GoldenBet stands out among non GamStop sports betting sites for its broad sports coverage and fair odds.

In-Play Betting Feature

GoldenBet’s in-play betting is a game-changer. It lets you place bets as matches happen, elevating the thrill. The site is easy to use, making quick betting decisions a breeze.

Sports Event Coverage

GoldenBet shines in football coverage. You can wager on well-known leagues like the Premier League, or on smaller ones. This breadth of choice really sets it apart for football betting.

Betting Bonuses

The site is also generous with bonuses. Newcomers get a huge 100% bonus up to £500 on their first deposit. There are also free bets and reload bonuses, making betting even more enjoyable.

  1. GoldenBet offers a 100% bonus up to £500 for new players.
  2. Its in-play betting feature allows real-time engagement with matches.
  3. The platform covers popular football leagues and diverse sports events.
  4. Various promotional offers including free bets significantly boost player engagement.

GoldenBet’s wide event coverage, thrilling in-play betting, and great bonuses are why it’s a top choice for football fans. They enjoy the freedom it gives outside GamStop.

MyStake: Best for Horse Racing Betting Not on GamStop


MyStake Bookmaker is well-loved in the betting world, especially for horse racing. It stands out for not using GamStop and offers many betting choices. For instance, you can bet on big races like the Dubai World Cup or the Grand National. Such options attract punters looking for various markets. MyStake is also a top choice among UK sports betting sites not on GamStop for its extensive horse racing coverage.

One thing that makes MyStake special is how much they care about their users. They have great Trustpilot reviews because they make betting fun and enjoyable. Here are some ways they do it:

  • First deposit bonus of up to €3,000 by BetNuvo Casino
  • 200% bonus up to €2,000 from Casino
  • Up to €2,500 with a 400% bonus by Gxmble Review
  • Exclusive freebet up to €100 by using code FREEBET at Red Lion Casino
  • Chance to bet on many horse races from around the world

MyStake’s website is straightforward, making it easy for users to place bets. They offer updates and even live stream races. Besides, they cover big races like the Breeders’ Cup or the Kentucky Derby, making sure you don’t miss out.

MyStake is well-known for having good odds, which are often better than sites on GamStop. It’s easy to join, even if you’ve self-excluded from other places. This makes MyStake a top choice among non GamStop horse racing sites.

Those looking for unlimited horse race betting enjoy MyStake’s VIP programme and sports bonuses. It’s a favourite for both new and experienced bettors. Even as betting options change, MyStake keeps its spot as a top pick.

Betting Sites Bonuses
BetNuvo Casino 150% up to €3,000 Casino 200% bonus up to €2,000
Gxmble Review 400% bonus up to €2,500
Red Lion Casino Exclusive freebet up to €100 with code FREEBET
Magic Win Casino 50% bonus up to €100 with code SPORTS50
Mr Sloty Casino 950% bonus up to €6,000 with code WELCOME1
SlotsNBets Casino 100% bonus up to €100 with code FREEBET
Black Magic Casino Exclusive 100% bonus up to €100 with code FREEBET
Royal Oak Casino 100% bonus up to €100 with code FREEBET

Cosmobet: Fast Withdrawal Bookmaker


Cosmobet is gaining a good rep for paying out quickly. This is great news for those who love fast cash. They offer instant withdrawals, making betting more enjoyable. With a wide range of sports and casino games, Cosmobet gives users a rich betting experience.

Speed of Payouts

Cosmobet shines with its fast payout system, offering instant withdrawals and beating many others. Players don’t have to wait long to get their winnings. This quick access to funds is a major plus for bettors.

Sports Coverage

At Cosmobet, you’ll find a huge selection of sports to bet on. They cover favourites like football, basketball, and tennis, plus things like eSports. This means there’s something for all kinds of sports fans.

Many other UK casinos share this dedication to keeping users happy.

Casino Offerings

Don’t like sports betting? No problem. Cosmobet has a lot to offer in the casino world too. They bring top games from providers like Pragmatic Play and more. This ensures a top-notch gaming experience for everyone.

Other casinos like Freshbet, Rolletto, and DonBet also offer big bonuses. But no one beats Cosmobet when it comes to getting your money quickly.

Casino Welcome Bonus Notable Feature
DonBet Casino Up to £750 with 50 free spins Competitive promotions
Rolletto Casino Up to £500 with 50 free spins Annual revenue over $5 million
Freshbet Casino Up to £1,500 over three deposits High-quality gaming experience
Cosmobet N/A Instant withdrawals and rapid payouts

VeloBet: No Verification Betting Site


VeloBet is becoming a top choice for bettors who want a no ID verification betting site. It keeps your profile discreet while offering many betting choices. It’s like using a high-end bookmaker, but with more privacy.

VeloBet shines in its payment options. You can pay with credit cards, bank transfers, E-wallets, and more. They even accept phone payments. This makes betting easy, with no hassle over how to pay.

With VeloBet, getting your winnings is quick, usually 15 to 30 minutes. You can start betting with as little as £5. Plus, the betting rate starts at just x1. This makes betting simple and enjoyable for everyone.

There are lots of sports to bet on at VeloBet. You’ll find football, cricket, and more. This choice means you can bet on what you love.

Feature Details
No Verification Betting Sites 35+
Reviewed No ID Bookmakers 35+
Lowest Deposit £5
Average Withdrawal Time 15-30 min
Popular Sports Football, Cricket, Horse Racing, eSports, Boxing, Golf

VeloBet makes betting private and secure. It lets you use cryptocurrencies for added anonymity. This way, your transactions are safe and private. It is similar to top websites like GoldenLion and GoldenBet, putting privacy first.

VeloBet also has great bonuses, from 100% to 400% welcome bonuses. You can get deposit bonuses, free spins, and cashback. This makes the betting more fun and valuable for users.

Rolletto: Offers Same Day Payouts


Rolletto stands out with a great look and quick payouts, making it a top pick for punters. With its sleek design and fast payouts, it beats the competition.

Interface and User Experience

Rolletto’s design is easy to use, perfect for new or old bettors. It loads fast, making betting smooth. You can use various payment methods, even cryptocurrencies, for a modern feel.

Available Sports and Betting Markets

Rolletto has a huge range of sports and bets for you to enjoy. From football to niche sports like darts, there’s something for everyone. It also offers odds on major events with live betting, adding to the excitement.

Bonus and Promotional Offers

Rolletto’s bonuses give your betting an extra lift. New users get up to 950% match on their first deposit. Regulars enjoy free spins and 10% to 30% cashback. Plus, with same-day payouts, you won’t have to wait for your wins.

If you use cryptocurrency or want free bets, they offer extra for you. This shows Rolletto really cares about rewarding their players.

Jackbit: Crypto Bookmaker Not on GamStop


Jackbit brands itself as a flexible crypto bookmaker outside the GamStop scheme. It connects traditional betting to new, technology-rich ventures. The appeal of over 7,000 slot games at Jackbit Casino is sweetened by some games having a jackpot of up to €2 million.

The Jackbit sportsbook is also a hit, with 40-plus sports and over 90,000 betting choices monthly. From football to eSports, the wide range of sports ensures every punter finds something exciting. Its use of cryptocurrencies makes it a top choice for those who prefer digital money.

Players at Jackbit’s casino enjoy big bonuses. There’s the Grand Tournament with €500,000 to win and monthly cash segments with prizes up to €500,000. Regular players get special perks like free bets and tournament access that amp up the fun.

Support at Jackbit is available 24/7 by live chat, email, and hotline. This focus on users also means their platform works smoothly on mobile devices. They ensure betting away from home is as enjoyable as at your desk.

Handling money on Jackbit is straightforward. Starting with €10, you can deposit funds or withdraw starting at €100. You have plenty of ways to pay, including credit/debit cards and e-wallets, and using cryptocurrencies keeps your transactions secure.

Here’s what Jackbit offers:

Features Details
Slot Games Over 7,000 available
Jackpot Prize Pool Up to €2 million
Sports Coverage More than 40 sports
Betting Options Over 90,000 monthly
Grand Tournament Prize Pool Up to €500,000
Promotions Drops & Wins offers up to €500,000
Minimum Deposit €10
Minimum Withdrawal €100
Customer Support Live chat, email, hotline
Device Optimisation Smartphones and tablets

Jackbit is a shining star in the world of crypto betting. It offers everything from slots to sports betting, and its service is excellent. The choice of games, support, and user-friendly design set it apart for anyone looking for a GamStop-free option.

Rollino: Biggest Bonuses Not on GamStop


Rollino is known for its big bonuses among casinos not on GamStop. It caters to many players. This makes it popular for those looking for great rewards.

Bonus Structures

At Rollino, bonuses are made for all kinds of players. They include welcome bonuses, free spins, and cashback. There are also deposit match bonuses up to 400%. This means your first deposit could get four times bigger. Players have lots of chances to enjoy games.

Payment Options

Rollino is great because it has many ways to pay. You can use credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and even PayPal. PayPal being an option is special among casinos not using GamStop. This makes handling money easy and smooth for players.

Sportsbook and Casino Offerings

Rollino has lots to offer, not just big bonuses and easy payment methods. It has a huge sportsbook and over 7,100 casino games. This includes slots, table games, and live options. There’s something for everyone, and it’s all VPN-friendly.

More than 3 million UK residents play at non GamStop casinos. Rollino is a good choice because of its wide selection and big bonuses. Withdrawal times are fast, and the chances of winning are high. This makes Rollino a top pick for a fun and rewarding gaming time.

Golden Lion: Great Mobile Sports Platform

Golden lion

Golden Lion is a leading choice for mobile sports betting. It offers convenient access to many sports and betting markets. This makes betting easier for those who like to do it on their phones.

In the UK, more than 35 sports are available on betting sites. Golden Lion stands out by covering a wide range of sports. Like others, football is its biggest draw, but it also offers betting in areas such as darts, tennis, and MMA.

Golden Lion’s mobile platform is great for on-the-go betting. It has a top rating for its sports coverage, user experience, and bonuses. New customers can get welcome bonuses from 100% to 250% on their first deposits.

The platform accepts various payment methods, including credit cards and cryptocurrencies. This ensures easy and secure transactions for all users.

For those looking to avoid GamStop, Golden Lion is a top choice. It’s licensed by the Curacao eGaming Authority, offering extra security. It also has 24/7 support via phone or live chat.

In summary, Golden Lion is a top choice for mobile betting. It offers a wide range of sports, great usability, and good support. It’s a platform that looks after its users, providing flexibility and a wide range of options.

NineWin: Featured Non-GamStop Bookie


NineWin is a top pick for those into betting but outside the GamStop. It shines with a wide range of sports, esports, and casino games on its sportsbook. It’s part of a growing number of similar bookies, all aiming to provide GamStop-free betting.

They offer various sports to bet on with good odds. Players can easily take their money out and get help quickly. With over 7,000 games, there’s something for everyone.

NineWin is perfect for people who like to bet from phones or tablets. It’s easy to use, and you can pay with cryptocurrency. This makes betting online safe and simple.

NineWin is known for its great bonuses. It treats new and loyal players well. Plus, there are big withdrawal limits and help for many languages.

Here’s a quick look at some of NineWin’s best bits:

Feature Details
Sports Markets Comprehensive selection including popular and niche sports
Game Choices Over 7,000 games including slots and live dealer options
Withdrawal Times Swift processing, typically within 1-3 days
Payment Methods Includes cryptocurrencies for secure transactions
Bonuses and Promotions Generous welcome bonuses, cashback, and VIP programs
Mobile Experience Optimized for both Android and iOS devices
Language Support Support for multiple languages enhancing global accessibility

In short, NineWin’s sportsbook is on point for both new and old bettors. It has lots of ways to pay and cool offers. It’s a top choice for secure betting without GamStop.

How to Choose Reliable Non-GamStop Betting Sites

Choosing the best non-GamStop betting site means looking at a few key things. It’s important each piece fits together to make sure betting is safe and fun.

Licensing and Regulation

Licensing and Regulation

Check that non UK betting sites have a solid license. This means they follow strict rules, keeping your betting safe and fair. Places like Malta or Curaçao give out good licenses.

Player Reviews and Reputation

What others say about a betting site matters a lot. Read reviews to see if it’s a reliable place. Pay attention to what people say about payments, the site itself, and customer service. A site with a good reputation will have mostly positive comments.

Customer Support

Non GamStop bookmakers should always be ready to help you. They should have ways for you to contact them at any time, like through live chat or email. Quick and helpful support means you can solve problems fast and get back to enjoying your bets.

Looking into these areas helps find trustworthy non-GamStop sites. This makes sure betting is both safe and fun for everyone.


The world of non-GamStop betting sites is always changing. It gives UK punters more freedom to enjoy gambling. Since GamStop self-exclusions last at least six months, these sites are a great choice for those wanting different betting options from around the world.

Independent bookies not linked to GamStop offer a wide range of bets. This includes popular sports and casino games. They’re licensed by trusted gambling authorities, meaning they’re safe and fair. Plus, these sites often pay out winnings quickly, making betting more fun.

Choosing the right site is important for a good betting experience without GamStop. Make sure the site is licensed and read what others have to say. Look at the betting choices and how secure the site is. Using gambling safety tools like setting deposit limits is also key. It helps you enjoy betting while staying safe.

The betting world is getting more advanced. Technologies like AI, VR, and blockchain will change the way we bet. This makes non-GamStop sites the leaders in new, better ways to play and win.


What are betting sites not on GamStop?

Betting sites not on GamStop are online platforms. They’re outside the UK Gambling Commission’s (UKGC) rules. They don’t follow the GamStop self-exclusion programme. These sites have worldwide licences.

They offer many betting options with less control.

Why choose non-GamStop betting sites?

Non-GamStop sites have less restrictions on betting. You can access bets worldwide. They let you use credit cards and cryptocurrencies.

Also, you often get better odds and bonuses here than in the UKGC sites.

Are non-GamStop betting sites safe to use?

Many non-GamStop sites are legal and secure. It’s key to pick sites with good security features. Always check for trustworthy reviews.

And make sure the site is regulated by reputable authorities for a safe bet.

What types of sports can I bet on at these sites?

Non-GamStop sites have many sports to bet on. They cover big ones like football and basketball. But they also have niche sports like eSports and virtual racing.

This gives you a wide range of choices for betting.

Can I still receive bonuses and promotions on non-GamStop sites?

Yes, non-GamStop sites offer bonuses and promotions. You can get welcome bonuses, free bets, and loyalty perks. They do this to keep you playing.

What payment methods are available on non-GamStop betting sites?

These sites offer many ways to pay. You can use credit/debit cards and bank transfers. Plus, there are e-wallets like PayPal and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

This means you have lots of options for depositing and withdrawing.

How do I withdraw my winnings from non-GamStop betting sites?

Each non-GamStop site has its own withdrawal methods. Choose sites known for fast payouts. They may let you withdraw through bank, e-wallets, or crypto.

Can I access non-GamStop betting sites from my mobile device?

Yes, many sites work well on mobiles or have their own apps. This lets you bet and manage your account anywhere. It’s easy and convenient.

What makes DonBet the best overall betting site not on GamStop?

DonBet is great for its easy-to-use design. It offers a wide range of sports, virtual sports, and eSports. Plus, it has good odds and many betting choices.

How does FreshBet stand out in the non-GamStop betting landscape?

FreshBet is known for having among the best odds. It has many betting options including sports and eSports. There’s also a VIP program with extra benefits.

What makes GoldenBet a top choice for soccer betting?

GoldenBet lets you bet during games live. It has major football league coverage. Plus, you get good bonuses like free bets.

Why is MyStake recommended for horse racing betting?

MyStake is great for horse racing bets. It has a high Trustpilot score. With many sports to bet on, it also gives lots of bonuses.

What advantages does Cosmobet provide with its fast withdrawals?

Cosmobet is known for quick payouts. It covers lots of sports and casino games. Plus, its gaming software is top quality.

Is it possible to bet without verification on VeloBet?

Yes, VeloBet lets you bet without verifying. This offers more privacy. They also have a wide range of bets and bonuses.

How does Rolletto enhance the user experience?

Rolletto stands out with its great design. It promises quick payouts. With many sports and markets, you also get nice bonuses and promotions.

What makes Jackbit a preferred crypto bookmaker not on GamStop?

Jackbit is popular for its big range of bets and strong crypto use. It has 24/7 support. Plus, there are many tournaments for advanced bettors.

Why choose Rollino for generous bonuses?

Rollino has big bonuses and many payment methods, including PayPal. It focuses on both sports and casino. Its policies are also VPN-friendly.

What sets Golden Lion apart in mobile sports betting?

Golden Lion lets you bet easily on your mobile. It has many sports to bet on. It’s very user-friendly for flexible betting.

What features make NineWin a featured non-GamStop bookie?

NineWin has lots of sports and casino games. It pays out fast. Its mobile website works well, offering everything modern bettors need.

How can I ensure the reliability of non-GamStop betting sites?

To be sure, check the site’s licences and read player reviews. Checking customer support quality is also important. This guarantees a safe betting place.