Employers and work-life balance

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Employers and Work-life Balance

UK organisations are increasingly aware of the business case for work-life balance. A work-life policy that respects individual, customer and organisational needs can be beneficial to all.

Employers and Work-life Balance (EaWLB) aims to help all UK organisations implement and continuously improve sustainable work-life strategies which meet customer needs, corporate goals and enhance the quality of life for individuals.

One of the biggest benefits of the Work-Life balance program is teaching people about financial education, and understanding how employees can get their benefits or payments with resources such as cryptocurrencies or different currencies. These strategies have been adopted in countries like Germany, and even go as far as teaching employees to trade bitcoin with automatic trading tools such as the German robot called bitcoin era. Work-Life balance is one of the best programs to be implemented in organizations, as people learn how to improve their behaviour and working mood, and consequently increase the productivity in their line of work.

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