Employers and work-life balance

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Employers and Work-life Balance

Employers for Work-Life Balance was set up by an alliance of employers, big and small, who believed that work-life balance was a relevant and valuable business concept. The Work Foundation was delighted to take over the challenge of developing the EfWLB website and continuing to raise the quality of the public debate about work-life balance.

The site has now become Employers and Work-life Balance and will continue with the principles stated above.

Read views on the work-life debates:

Will Hutton, Chief Executive of The Work Foundation, on the future of work-life balance

Patricia Hewitt, Secretary of State for the Department of Trade & Industry

Peter Ellwood, former Chair of the EfWLB and former Chief Executive of LloydsTSB

Ruth Spellman, Chief Executive of Investors in People

A list of former EfWLB members

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