Why choose to study at LSBF?

For those interested in expanding their knowledge and expertise through education, the decision of where to study is an important one. While the qualification you gain is the ultimate aim, where you choose to gain this qualification can have a huge bearing on the success you achieve.

London School of Business Finance or LSBF is one popular option for those looking to expand their knowledge of these prime areas of employment but just why should you choose to study there?

Centre of the action

As the financial hub of the UK and a key leader in the European markets, London is a natural place to choose to study business or finance. Not only are you conveniently located for a number of key financial and business districts but you can also benefit from a range of different work opportunities when it comes to gaining experience.

With many of the industry’s high-flyers based in the city, networking opportunities are also rife and this is something which can be incredibly beneficial.

Plenty of options

Specifically for those studying at LSBF, there are plenty of options available where courses are concerned. This means that regardless of what area you want to study or qualification you want to gain, there is sure to be something to suit.

With any study, it is important to choose something which both helps you achieve your aims and fits with your schedule and lifestyle. The flexibility and diversity offered at LSBF ensures that this is the case for all their students and that is another obvious reason of why you should choose to study with them.

Flexible finance

For those worried about how the cost of their chosen study will affect them, LSBF have a solution to that too. Their flexible finance options include their Springboard Scholarships which offer those looking to study postgraduate courses the opportunity to only pay for their tuition fees if they are earning 50% of their salary just two years after graduating.

If after the two year period this is not the case, then the tuition fees for that student will be free of charge. This allows those who want to gain extra qualifications to boost their career to do so without the fear of financial difficulties looming over their heads and is another clear benefit of studying with LSBF.