Employers and work-life balance
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Small and medium sized organisations

Smaller organisations face particular challenges when introducing or improving work-life balance policies. Time and cost constraints can seem prohibitive, particularly with a smaller staff whose skills are essential.

Measuring tool
The purpose of this tool is to help you identify how your organisation compares to work-life balance best practice. It aims to provide you with a framework in which you can identify how your organisation might progress on work-life balance.

It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire. For each question, please click the box that most closely represents what your organisation is doing, or click "none of the previous" if none apply. Do this fairly quickly and intuitively. The outcome is only of any value if you do it honestly.

At the end of each of the 4 sections your "grade" will be calculated as will your overall standing at the end of the questionnaire.

Click here to begin the benchmarking questionnaire for SMEs


Ideas for small businesses:

Definition: defining work-life balance within your organisation

The business benefits: how a good work-life policy affects the bottom line

Current legislation: do you know the law?

Making a case: making and implementing a business case, ensuring that policies are right for your organisation, and dealing with common problems

Jargon buster: make sure you know your terms – from ‘annualised hours’ to ‘time sovereignty’

Common problems and solutions:

  • No history of work-life balance policies

  • Need to improve outdated systems in a small company

  • Small business wondering what the benefits are

Useful case studies:
Farrelly Facilities & Engineering Limited (50 employees)
Happy Ltd (36 employees)
IXL Laundry Services Ltd (20 employees)

Benchmarking tool: find out where your business is in terms of best practice

Fact sheet: useful summary of work-life issues

FAQs: from definitions of work-life balance to the long-hours culture in the UK

Latest research: keep up-to-date with thinking on the work-life balance debate


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