Reducing the Risk – How you can Help Prevent an Accident at Work

Accidents at Work

If you’re an employee, you’ve probably heard this all before – Accidents can occur to anybody at anytime. We are all at risk no matter what working environment we are placed in, whether you’re on a construction site, sitting comfortably in an office or childminding, there is always going to hazards which could potentially lead to an accident if we aren’t careful.

By law employers are required to provide a safe and healthy work environment as well as implement necessary precautions to prevent any accidents. Likewise, employees must adhere to the guidelines set by their employer and by law to look after their own health.

Sometimes there is no way to prevent an accident, many of which can have a significant impact on your life. However a significant number of employees have little indication or even completely disregard health and safety procedures which help reduce the risk of an accident at work.

So to lend a helping hand I have created a small but important list of preventative methods which should be adhered to while at the workplace:

Attending proper training sessions

Even if you regard your job as being straightforward and incredibly basic, your employer is still legally obligated to provide you with training that explicitly delineates your tasks and how to carry them out properly and safely. While training may seem like a drag, it is essential you attend these lessons and pay attention, not just for your own safety, but for your other colleagues as well.

Stay attentive

 The most common cause of accidents at work is due to workers loosing focus on a task at hand. It’s always tempting to let your mind wander, especially at the end of the day, however it’s imperative you always concentrate on what you’re doing. Not only can a lack of concentration detract you from the quality of work, it significantly increases the risk of an accident. If you’re finding it had to focus at any point in the day, take a short break or get some fresh air.

Always follow protocol

 Nobody likes a rebel, so stick to the rules. It goes without saying some jobs inherently carry more risks than others, especially those that require the use of machinery. If yours does make sure your know how to use the equipment and only use it as instructed.

Always exercise with caution

This is commonsense but it’s important to remember to think before you act. Those who act without considering the consequences are more likely to suffer as a result.

Look after your health

It is your responsibility to acknowledge when you are feeling fatigued or sick and whether this could have an effect on your work. If you have injured yourself or are taken ill, inform your employer before it impedes your work.

Keep yourself safe at work. JMW are solicitors that specialise in work accident claims.