How Employers are Accommodating the London 2012 Olympic Games

London 2012 Olympics Medals

The London Olympics are fast on their way, and many employers will now be turning their attentions to how they will deal with the event in the workplace. As well as a need to accommodate employees who may want to watch the Olympics, employers will also need to think about the logistics – particularly if they work in London or other areas that are likely to see increased traffic and pressure on public transport systems as a result of the Olympics travel.

Here are some of the ways in which employers can act to accommodate the Olympics.

Flexible working

Could you beat the competition with better staff benefits?

Could you beat the competition with better staff benefits?

Pensions & Employee Benefits

It used to be that if you wanted to attract staff away from your competition, you had to offer them a bigger salary. Now, particularly in the more competitive industries, it isn’t always a simple case of “we’ll pay you more than the other guys”. Highly sought-after employees often attract competition from employers that extends far beyond the basic salary.

Employee benefits are increasingly seen as something to look for in a job, and employers that are looking to attract the best talent might well like to consider the benefits that they could offer to their staff. For example, research carried out …

The Positive Impact of Flexible Working Practices

Single Parent Families

Single Parent Families
Single Parent Families

There are many reasons for flexible working becoming more popular – and in some cases, more necessary – than ever before. The increase in the number of working single parent families is just one example, as is the fact that many people combine working with caring for elderly, sick or disabled loved ones. The changing demographics of our population also mean that there is a greater range of needs to cater for and so for many people, the traditional ‘9-5’ is no longer as convenient as it once was.

There are quite a few signs to suggest …

London 2012 Olympics - How are your employers treating the Olympic Games?

London 2012 Olympics Logo

So 7 years after the announcement that London would be the host city of the 2012 Olympics, the games are nearly upon us. There has been a steady build up of anticipation over those years, and excitement is ready to burst, with millions of the British public being involved in the Olympics in one capacity or another.

With huge events like this, there is always debate within the business community about how best to deal with staff demands for additional time off, or flexible working hours, and London 2012 has been no different. Anecdotal evidence has shown that many companies are …

Statutory Paternity Leave in the UK: Know Your Rights!

Statutory Paternity Leave

Having a child is a wonderful moment in anyone’s life, but it is a constant struggle to balance the demands of your employers and your family.

I am often asked by employees about their entitlement to paternity leave, as there is not much written about it and advice is often conflicting. I have recently returned from paternity leave myself, and was lucky enough to spend a whole month at home with my wife, Stacey, and son, Logan. That experience was (to quote Catweazle) “Truly Wondrous”, and something that every father should have the right to experience. So what is …

Highlight: Employment Law Reforms & The Beecroft Report

The Beecroft Report

Jill Evans, Writing for People Management wrote an article recently about the Beecroft Report and its recommendations on parental leave. Sadly for the reformists, the Beecroft report recommends putting the parental leave reforms on hold.

Going one step further, the report also makes recommendations that would remove responsibility from employers in cases where staff are harassed by fellow employees or customers. This is being put through a consultation progress, with an update expected later in the year.

One to keep an eye on!


n.b. For those interested in Paternity Leave, Dave is in the process of writing a post …

Want to be a Doctor? Which school did you go to?

Want to be a doctor?

Want to be a doctor?
Want to be a doctor?

I’ve just read an excellent article in Personnel Today about accessibility in certain professions it got me thinking. Is it really the case that in 2012, people from a poorer background still have to fight tooth and nail to become a Doctor, Journalist, Lawyer or perhaps Architect. Statistics seem to show time and again that the vast majority of people in these professions come from wealthier backgrounds, but what are the reasons for this?

My view is that the traditional hirer bias is largely a thing of the past, with people now more willing to …

The European Championship – An HR Issue

Euro 2012 Trophy

So we are now just over a week away from the UEFA European Championships and the daily papers have been alive with speculation on the makeup of the England football squad for months now. The big debate has been over the inclusion of former captain, John Terry over Rio Ferdinand, but it got me thinking (and this is where I get back on topic)…

The issue over squad selection is a very public display of the importance of managing staff in an appropriate manner. The world’s press are micro-analysing everything that Roy Hodgson does, and it is sometimes hard to …

Redundancy - What does it really mean?

Definition of Redundancy

A quick search of Google will tell you exactly what the word ‘redundant’ means, and in a cruel twist, they have even made the need to click on a link, you’ve guessed it, redundant!

“No longer needed or useful; superfluous”

No longer needed or useful… Surely we are not talking about people here, and instead we are referring to the odorous remnants of last night’s take away. So what does it mean to be made redundant?

I can tell you from personal experience that you are presented with a sudden rush of mixed and often surprising feelings. It starts with …

The Queens Jubilee Bank Holiday… Is it our right to the day off?

queens jubilee bank holiday

queens jubilee bank holiday
The Queens Jubilee Bank Holiday
Hrmmmmm, do I have the right to take the Jubilee Bank Holiday off – or not? Well, as far as I can work out we don’t legally have the right to have ANY of them off. And Christmas and Boxing Day aren't even included in the legislation, as they are ‘common law’ holidays. Basically, if they really wanted to our employers could leave us all SOL on each and every one of them!
So, from that perspective, I can see how some have worked their way round to convincing themselves they have a leg to …