Effective Ways to Include Self-Employment on Your Resume

Self Employed

During the economic recession, many enterprising individuals compensated for a lack of work by striking out on their own. Whole families were kept afloat by the dedication of those who carved out their own clients and businesses. Of course, the history of self-employment dates back far before the recession. No matter how long you’ve been out of the job market, integrating self-employment into your resume is challenging and full of potential traps.

Despite changing attitudes, employers are still hesitant to take on someone who’s spent years being his or her own boss. No matter how impressive your achievements, the wrong …

Transferring talents: Harnessing IT skills in the financial sector

IT Skills

There are many high-skilled individuals in the world of work who look to branch out and transfer their talents into various different areas and expand their career horizons.

Some skills are more versatile than others and allow for more flexibility. One such trade is IT, a skill that is valuable in pretty much every sector and industry and can allow an individual with the correct talents – be it programming or Linux abilities – to venture into new territories.

IT is able to merge with many areas and one sector it mates with perfectly is finance. Finance in itself is …

Kent Teach - Your Perfect Kent Day

Kent Teach – Your Perfect Kent Day

Your Perfect Kent Day

Imagine the privilege of living in Kent, the County of England, home to the White Cliffs of Dover, beaches, the Channel Tunnel and rolling countryside (not to mention a hop garden or three). This provides the perfect backdrop to an exciting career at one of Kent County Council Schools; of which there are over 600 primary and secondary schools.

Living and teaching in Kent is a dream come true. Whether your interest lies in Chaucer’s Canterbury, at Kent County Cricket Club or perhaps a cheeky glass of champagne overlooking the sea. And, of course, all the while, less than …

Top 10 Accidents in the Workplace

Accidents at Work

What they never tell you when you go out for your first job as a youngster is how often people get injured on the job. There were over 600,000 recorded workplace injuries in England in the 2010-2011 year, with over 200,000 of those resulting in more than 3 days absence from work. In no particular order, here are the most common workplace injuries you can keep in mind and try to avoid.

1. Slips and Trips. Slippery surfaces can occur in any work setting – from factory floors where materials spills are not cleaned up promptly to tiled reception areas …

Reducing the Risk – How you can Help Prevent an Accident at Work

Accidents at Work

If you’re an employee, you’ve probably heard this all before – Accidents can occur to anybody at anytime. We are all at risk no matter what working environment we are placed in, whether you’re on a construction site, sitting comfortably in an office or childminding, there is always going to hazards which could potentially lead to an accident if we aren’t careful.

By law employers are required to provide a safe and healthy work environment as well as implement necessary precautions to prevent any accidents. Likewise, employees must adhere to the guidelines set by their employer and by law to …

What is the Best Approach to Difficult Interview Questions?

Interview Questions

Interviews can be nerve-wracking. The candidate who is well-prepared, however, will have considerably more success. Preparation includes planning ahead so that one arrives in plenty of time for the interview, dressing appropriately for the job applied for and maintaining a positive attitude throughout the interview. Former bosses, co-workers and workplaces should never be badmouthed regardless of how unpleasant they may have been. “I’m looking for a new challenge” is one diplomatic way to express the desire to leave a workplace. Another is talking about the opportunities to grow in a new environment.

Diplomacy is also an important skill in answering …

Shicklegate: Workplace Stress - How not to deal with it

Work-Life Balance

As an HR professional, I was gobsmacked to have recently been forwarded the following email which I believe to be genuine:

From: Kieran Allen

25 September 2012 08:11

MEC London UK All Staff


Hello MEC,

It feels quite strange to be writing my leaving speech after 2 1/2 yrs. of loyal service to the company. It’s the longest I have spent at a company and I owe MEC a lot for my training and development. I leave in a position where I can go and further my career in digital if I so wish and for …

Guest Post: How using the iPad can improve your work-life balance

Apple iPad

In this progressively more connected world, technology is becoming increasingly important to many people’s lives. People are now able to work longer hours, whilst relying on technology to assist them in the organisation and implementation of their lives. With the announcement that 4G is right around the corner for many in the UK, we are taking another step toward using technology in everything we do, whether it is watching television to alleviate the boredom of travelling or sharing files at work whilst on the move.

With such rapid progression, it can often be difficult to find the right work balance, …

Guest Post - Don’t let an accident at work bring you down

Accidents at Work

An on-the-job injury or accident can turn your entire world upside down. One day you’re simply following your normal routine, the next you’re forced to juggle your physical recovery, work responsibilities, and a growing stack of medical and other post-accident expenses. It can all be overwhelming, but try not to let your situation get the best of you. Learn how to deal with the emotional and financial troubles associated with on-the-job accidents and injuries in the following article.

Financial Implications

If you get injured on-the-job, you’ll begin to accumulate a number of expenses related to your accident. Medical and treatment …

Flexible Benefits – for Employers?

Parental Leave

You often hear managers or employers shouting “what, they’re off again!” but flexibility in the workplace and the way that we manage employees and the ways in which they work , if dealt with in a fair and proactive manner, can be a great benefit rather than a hindrance to organisations.

There are lots of obvious benefits to working flexibly for individuals, some of the more popular ones are that it fits in with people’s changing lifestyles or it allows people to manage other demands on their time from family commitments, for example. But you don’t often hear employers stating …