The Beecroft Report

Highlight: Employment Law Reforms & The Beecroft Report

Jill Evans, Writing for People Management wrote an article recently about the Beecroft Report and its recommendations on parental leave. Sadly for the reformists, the…

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Want to be a doctor?

Want to be a Doctor? Which school did you go to?

Want to be a doctor? I’ve just read an excellent article in Personnel Today about accessibility in certain professions it got me thinking. Is it…

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Euro 2012 Trophy

The European Championship – An HR Issue

So we are now just over a week away from the UEFA European Championships and the daily papers have been alive with speculation on the…

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Definition of Redundancy

Redundancy - What does it really mean?

A quick search of Google will tell you exactly what the word ‘redundant’ means, and in a cruel twist, they have even made the need…

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The Queens Jubilee Bank Holiday… Is it our right to the day off?

The Queens Jubilee Bank Holiday Hrmmmmm, do I have the right to take the Jubilee Bank Holiday off – or not? Well, as far as…

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