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Employers and Work-life Balance – News Archive January 2006

27 January 2006

Your lunch hour is now 19min 42sec
Metro, 25 January 2006
A survey of 1,500 staff, commissioned by Post-it-Notes, has found that lunch breaks are getting shorter with almost half of workers viewing colleagues who always go out to lunch as not being committed to their jobs.

Madonna is best working mother
Metro, 19 January 2006
A survey of 3,000 working parents by Living TV found that almost half of women get a negative reaction from employers when asking for maternity leave or time off to care for their children, and Madonna was judged to be the celebrity who best juggles work and motherhood.

Women in mind
The Daily Telegraph Business B8, 17 January 2006

An annual survey by UPS has found that British firms are among the most supportive in Europe when it comes to helping women in the workplace, with 74 per cent of UK businesses offering flexible working hours.

20 January 2006

Work life balance, management practices and productivity
Centre of Economic Performance (CEP)
, 10 January 2006
A new report, by the Centre of Economic Performance, has found that companies that are bigger, more globalised and better managed provide a better work-life balance for their employees, but having good practices on work-life balance does not lead to higher productivity.

YouGov survey of breakfast habits
The Daily Telegraph,
20 January 2006

A YouGov survey has found nearly half of the 2,300 people who took part are having a rushed, solitary breakfast or skipping it altogether so they can work longer hours.

Ways of keeping mum
Personnel Today,
17 January 2006
As increasing numbers of women leave having children until later in their careers, maternity leave coaching is becoming popular as a way of holding on to talent.

6 January 2006

Fully flexible working ‘not available’ for most staff
Public Finance, 6 January 2006
Almost 60% of public bodies do not offer staff flexible employment schemes, despite legislation in 2003 that gives employees the right to request these, according to the latest Labour Force Survey assessment of British working practices.

5 million work a day a week unpaid, says TUC
TUC, 5 January 2006
Almost five million employees worked an average extra day a week in unpaid overtime in 2005, according to a survey released by the TUC. That represents over 20% of the UK’s 28.8 million working population.

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