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Employers and Work-life Balance – News Archive August 2005

30 August 2005

Still at work?
The Work Foundation. 25 August 2005
New research on work-life balance by The Work Foundation shows that 30% of Britons are failing to take their annual leave entitlement and it is because they believe they are ‘too busy’. Even when most are lying by the pool many workers feel guilty and continue to check their email and mobile phones for messages.

Scrap bank holidays!
The Observer. 28 August 2005
The stress of bank holidays leads The Observer to suggest that bank holidays should be scrapped.

22 August 2005

Families and IT links help save working village
The Guardian. 22 August 2005
A new report from the Commission for Rural Communities (CRC), Under the Radar, reveals how Britain’s rural economy is being reinforced by arrivals working from home. This feature looks at how information technology is helping people to work from home and combine work and family life in Robin Hood’s Bay.

Overtime ‘increases risk of illness’
The Guardian. 18 August 2005
People who work long hours or overtime increase their risk of job-related illnesses and injuries, according to research published today in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Working at least 12 hours a day is linked to a 38 per cent increased risk of injury and working 60 hours a week or more is linked to a 23 per cent greater chance of being hurt at work.

Tribunal awards damages in flexible working case Equal Opportunities Commission.
11 August 2005
A part-time payroll worker whose employer demanded she start working full time and refused to consider suitable flexible work options was awarded £29,294 in damages by a Southampton employment tribunal on 10 August.

Employers ‘pleased to let workers take sabbaticals’ People Management.
11 August 2005.
Two-thirds of employers believe sabbatical schemes help them to retain staff, according to research by volunteer travel organisation i-to-i. Almost 60 per cent of the companies surveyed thought that career breaks could enhance employees’ skills, and 55 per cent believed that sabbaticals motivated workers

16 August 2005

Modern women beat 1950s mums
The Guardian . 16 August 2005
A YouGov survey of 500 women has found that today’s mothers fit in more tasks than their 1950s counterparts, despite spending fewer hours at home. This is partly because technology means the time spent on domestic chores is much less, and partly because men help out more around the home. Women don’t spend the time on themselves though – they spend more quality time with their children than the previous generation did. The Guardian p7.

Long hours do not improve performance
Financial Times. 16 August 2005
Managers at top performing companies only work one hour a week longer than those at businesses whose financial results are poor, according to a study by McKinsey of 135 manufacturing companies. The Financial Times p4.

Flexible working tool
Business Link. 11 August 2005
The Business Link website includes a tool to help you work out the best type of flexible working for your business.

11 August 2005

Have you seen the new Benchmarking section for SMEs?

Council aims for 100% flexible workforce
Personnel Today. 2 August 2005.
The London borough of Barnet has started a three year IT overhaul to underpin plans to offer its entire workforce mobile and flexible working. The £20m infrastructure will cover more than 4,000 staff, from street cleaners to HR services. All departments across the council are to put together plans for mobile working projects so that staff can access databases from anywhere in the borough.

Working with Fathers: a six step guide
Fathers Direct. 29 July 2005
Fathers Direct has published a new guide to help employers and service providers engage effectively with fathers and other male carers. It includes practical tips and strategies and can be ordered from the Fathers Direct website.

2 August 2005

Work-related stress: a guide
Department for Trade & Industry . 18 July 2005
This leaflet o outlines an agreement on work-related stress made by the European social partners and gives recommendations about how to manage stress including flexible working options. It includes a list of practical resources and further sources of information. It is available online or can be ordered free from DTI Publications.

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