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Media centre – Press releases

See below for press releases about work-life balance issues from EfWLB and The Work Foundation. This page also includes interesting media stories, quizzes and information about awards from external organisations such as the DTI

12 April 2005
The UK – The Work horse of the European Union?

1 April 2005
Is your boss a tyrant or a pussycat?

17 March 2005
Working Families warn that long hours can damage your health

14 January 2005
Two thirds of working Brits resolve to ‘Get a better life’

7 January 2005
Government and Employers must respond to Changing Demographics

10 December 2004
Working Families announce Employers of the Year

16 November 2004
New reader survey suggests pregnancy at work is a problem for the finance sector

29 October 2004
Employers of the Year 2004 finalists announced

14 September 2004
What working parents of disabled children want

August 2004
No Work-Life Balance Week in 2004: the Work-Life Balance Trust, who runs the Week, is taking a well-earned break this year.

28 July 2004
New dads experiencing emotional melt-down

7 April 2004
Read Alan Milburn’s 7 April speech about work-life balance (pdf 29kb)

17 March 2004
The Equal Opportunities Commission (ECO) have posted their response to the Budget, which they say shows that the government is listening to the concerns of parents and carers.

DTI survey shows IT workers want more work-life support

18 February 2004
Have you seen the new case study of Penguin?

5 February, 2004
New charity poll calls for family friendly working hours

29 January 2004
The BBC is looking for nominations of disorganised, chaotic people who could do with some help with time management

23 January 2004
A Court of Appeal decision has ruled that people who have suffered discrimination can claim compensation for any losses they suffer as a result

6 January 2004
Complete the latest questionnaire on performance management  

5 January 2004
The EOC has released research that shows women hold less than 10% of senior positions in many areas of public life in Britain 

22 December 2003
‘Christmas Father’ is becoming a myth. While Santa’s job might take him to every home, research from The Work Foundation shows that work pressure means many fathers are absent at Christmas.

10 December 2003
The Chancellor has announced new measures to help young families in the pre-budget report 

1 December 2003
UK businesses are finding they benefit from introducing flexible work options, according to research from Lloyds TSB Corporate

26 November 2003
Winners of the Parents at Work employers of the Year 2003

4 September 2003
Government urged to promote teleworking says The Work Foundation

25 July 2003
Research from South Bank University has found that parents see a mother’s paid employment impacting positively on family relationships

22 July 2003
Andrew Marr, the BBC’s political editor, has moved from the Ten O’Clock News to the Six O’Clock News to spend more time with his family. Search the Archive for the phrase: "Andrew Marr" and family.

12 June 2003
Alan Milburn, Secretary of State for Health, has left the cabinet saying the demands of the job conflicted with having a young family in the North East.

5 June 2003
UK employers are ringing the changes with work-life balance, according to research from The Work Foundation, in association with EfWLB

A woman’s work is never done – and when one working day finishes – another begins at home, says research from The Work Foundation in association with EfWLB


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