Employers and work-life balance

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Report details
This Research Summary is a digest of research carried out by The Work Foundation on work-life balance





  • Attitudes
  • Policies
  • Measures
  • Motivation
  • Eligibility
  • Handling requests
  • Decision-making
  • Guidance
  • Refusals
  • Option to revert
  • Take-up
  • Organisational benefits
  • Drawbacks
  • Monitoring and effectiveness

Legal Issues

Best Practice Exchange

Case Studies
1 Addenbrooke's NHS Trust
3 BT
4 Eli Lilly and Company
5 First Direct
6 Sunderland City Council

Management Documents
1 Flexible working information for potential recruits, Addenbrooke's NHS Trust
2 List of ASDA's 'family-friendly' working practices ASDA
3 Support for specific groups of ASDA employees, ASDA
4 'Achieving the balance' information on BT intranet, BT
5 'Achieving the balance' information on BT intranet, BT
6 'Achieving the balance' information on BT intranet, BT
7 'Achieving the balance' information on BT intranet, BT
8 Work-life manual, Eli Lilly and Company
9 HR policy, First Direct
10 Employment policies, procedures and guidelines handbook, Sunderland City Council

Interview with The Work Foundation's Theo Blackwell for a consultant's view of managing work-life balance

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