Is Coffee Helping You In the Office?

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Is Coffee Helping You In the Office?

Did you know that London is one of the biggest coffee drinking areas in the whole of the UK? I am as guilty as the next person for relying on my morning latte to get me through; in fact I don’t even get going in the morning until I take a sip of coffee.

Coffee is a known stimulant, the caffeine gives us a boost and many of us use that boost to get through the day, but in fact coffee also has adverse effects which we are sometimes not aware of. 

Are You a Caffeine Addict?

You get told not to smoke because cigarettes are addictive and you know that taking drugs is out of the question because it’s so easy to become addicted to those too, but interestingly no one told you how addictive caffeine is.

In fact if you drink a lot of coffee each day and you stop you can develop serious headaches, you start taking tablets to try and curb the headache and as soon as you have a cup of coffee the headache vanishes. People who use coffee as a crutch to get through the day don’t realise that it’s so addictive and often have coffee to please the addiction without realising that it really isn’t helping you manage your work in the office. 

What Caffeine is Your Vice?

We all have our favourite coffees, mine is vanilla latte, and they are all make with freshly ground coffee which has more caffeine than your instant varieties. What is your coffee of choice? Is it the cappuccino from the coffee shop around the corner from the office or is it the espresso from the coffee shop you pass on your way in to work.

I used to have a bad habit of ordering my latte with an extra shot of espresso believing that the boost would help me get through the day. 

What You Need to Know

What you may not know is the side effects that can develop from drinking too much coffee. More coffee shops are popping up throughout London than ever before meeting the demand of the people who live and work there.

What these coffee drinkers don’t realise is that coffee can cause serious agitation and can increase the heart rate, which is where the stimulation comes in, it doesn’t stimulate the mind to help you get on with your work when you haven’t had enough sleep. Have a health assessment in a private clinic such as Blossoms Healthcare if you are worried that your coffee drinking may be affecting your health, rather be safe than sorry. 

A Routine Change

You may think I am a hypocrite telling you the ill effects that coffee can have on a person when I drink coffee myself. Fair play I do have coffee, but I have changed my routine to have one cup each morning and then I change to decaffeinated coffee or green tea.

I realised that coffee isn’t going to help me in the office and it’s not going to keep my mind active when all I want to do is sleep, if anything it’s going to make me agitated and there have been times where I have actually had hand tremors because I simply drank too much coffee in a short period of time.

If you think coffee is helping you get through the day, now is the time to make a change. Coffee is the way of life in London, there is a coffee shop on every corner which makes it easier to just stop and grab one when walking down the street, but if you changed to decaf for just one week and see if you can feel the change in your health.