How To Empower Your Staff


Looking after the people that are the cogs in your business’s wheel has an effect on every facet of your business. Ensuring that they enjoy their work means that your employees will do their work to a higher standard. If you feel your staff could do with a boost, then consider talent management. Whether you’re part of a global corporation or you have staff fewer than five hundred, and whatever country you’re based in, Cornerstone talent management has a solution for you.

Why Empower Your Staff?

The more empowered a workforce feels, the better it will perform. They are highly motivated and engaged in their work, meaning that they perform better and have a higher productivity. Empowered staff feel happier at work, so companies with an empowered workforce keep their staff for longer. They also understand the industry that they’re in better, and their company’s goals, making them more adaptable, interested and agile should the industry landscape change.

The Essentials for an Empowered Workforce

Know where your knowledge lies- who knows what- so you can get the best out of your employees. This way you can ensure that your employees are engaged in their work. Increase communication through social tools and your employees will understand their role within the company better, and know that their work is valued by others.

Create Meaning

Create a place where meaningful work is achieved, where there is a collaborative atmosphere and where resources are managed so staff have what they need to complete their work and as well as exceed your expectations. Give employees responsibility, or decision-making skills, so individuals feel like they are needed.

Develop Talented People

You need to mobilise talent, aligning skills, desires and results. If you know what your staff want, then you have the ability to help them achieve those goals, and their performance in the work place will increase. By giving the more mundane daily tasks context and meaning with regards to the wider company goals, you enlighten your task force. Make sure that your staff are able to move in your company, whether that’s upwards or sideways, so that the right people are in the right roles. Enable your staff to develop, whether through coaching, mentoring or training, so they can advance in their roles and even within the company.

Effective Technology

Make sure all the technology that your employees use, or that which is used to support your employees, are in place, up-to-date and is as efficient as possible. A single integrated system that manages processes is better than many pieced together, as well as easier to understand. You can also track your employee’s development from recruitment to succession, in turn adding to analytics and reports for development for the wider company.