Getting Hired: Why Certification Programs Get You in the Door


As consumers continue to increase their use of information technology services, the job outlook in the IT sector is predicting rapid growth. Even non-tech businesses are expanding their use of networking technology, mobile app marketing, and online presence in order to stay current. Technology is the cornerstone of efficiency for every business, regardless of the industry. This creates tremendous opportunities for those that are interested in gaining employment in information technology or advancing to a better position. With the continuous advancements in software, it is no longer enough to enter the job market with a general diploma or degree. Employers are looking for specific skills and are willing to compensate those who demonstrate an active and ongoing commitment to their line of work.

Many employers are looking for experts in specific areas. The US Department of Labor is predicting a 19 percent increase in computer science jobs from 2010 to 2020. This means a wealth of opportunity for new graduates and a range of options for professionals that are already in the industry. Although traditional college and university programs prepare you to enter the field, certification programs allow you to narrow down your areas of interest and really become an expert. Java, for example, has seen a major growth in popularity since its introduction into the programming industry. It is now used by many of the major mobile developers, and Java professionals are in high demand.

Extra credentials will make you stand out in a crowd. It is important to remain competitive as the next generation enters the workforce. Set yourself apart by combining your experience with some additional certification programs to keep your skills current. The tech field is advancing faster than any other profession. Enhance your resume with a variety of certification programs including Database Training, Cisco Certifications, or an Oracle Boot Camp. Many professionals are reluctant to invest in additional training because of the time commitment that it requires. Fortunately, there are a variety of reputable training organizations that condense courses into as little as one week. Countrywide Training is a Texas based educational facility that offers a combination of traditional classroom training, IT boot camps, and online learning to suit your schedule and personal learning preference throughout the United States and Canada.

Certification programs show a commitment to your profession. Making an effort to build on your skills shows your employer that you are personally invested in being the best in your field. This can set you apart from other job candidates that may have more years of experience or a higher level of university education. It shows a genuine interest in your specialty and demonstrates the ability to contribute additional insight as an employee. Certified professionals are able to think outside the existing practices and streamline processes for better efficiency. Entering a new position with extra credentials on your resume increases your employer’s confidence that you will be an asset to the company.

Showing an interest in your continuous improvement is a statement about your character and work ethic. Companies look for forward thinkers who will offer an innovative approach to their daily responsibilities. Hiring employees who make an effort to improve their realm of knowledge is essential in staying ahead of competitors. A tech company’s biggest fear is falling behind the competition. For this reason, it is essential to hire employees who embrace continuous learning. An employee that makes their personal improvement a priority is more likely to contribute to improving and advancing the business that they work for. Xerox has developed its CRM system to proactively engage employees in improving the business. Each time a customer files a complaint, employees are required to act quickly and collect customer feedback on how they can improve their service.

If you are looking to set yourself apart from the competition and land a rewarding job in the information technology workforce, continuing your education is your key to success. Research job websites and talk to industry experts to get an idea of the kind of skills that are frequently required. IT head hunters will be able to let you know what employers are looking for today. Managing your IT career is all about identifying trends and modifying your skills to keep up with the demand.

Travis Adams has extensive experience as an IT professional. He often blogs about his years of experience to help others work towards successful careers.