Finding the perfect HR job

The Perfect HR Job

Finding the perfect HR job

If you are considering a career in Human Resources (HR), or you are already working in the industry and looking to move on, the following article explains how to find the role that’s perfect for you.

What does a role in HR involve?

A position in HR involves finding and retaining the best employees for an organisation. HR positions deal with multiple facets of how an organisation and its staff function, such as salaries, benefits, healthcare and employment law. Jobs can range from more junior roles such as HR Assistants, Training Officers and more senior jobs such as HR Directors.

What qualifications will you need?

Most firms want candidates who are good communicators with GCSEs and/or A-levels, while some employers look for The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s certificates.

What role is right for you?

It’s important to think about what you consider to be the most essential features of your new role. Write down whether you want to increase your salary, work in a different location, explore a different industry or take on a higher-ranking position. These will help you to narrow down your search and decide on the parameters for your ideal role.

Searching online

As with most things today, the internet has made life easy for job seekers. You can browse roles on a range of different websites, compare salaries and job specifications, and also get handy hints and tips on how to prepare for interview.

It can, however, be difficult to keep track of all the sites you visit and to stay up to date with all of the roles you are interested in. Using a job aggregator such as Jobmanji streamlines the process by gathering data from all of the best job boards. Think of it as a bit like using Compare the Market when searching for your car insurance.

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