The issue of work-life balance is a burning issue for both individuals and organisations because of a combination of economic, demographic and social factors.

The new economic reality is that we now exist in a globally competitive marketplace, where de-regulation of labour markets, demanding consumers and the impact of information technology have all meant that organisations must get more from less as we learn to survive in a service and information economy.

At the same time, the nature of the workforce has changed dramatically. In addition, dual earner families are now the norm, we are experiencing an ageing population and a shift in the expectations of quality of work-life by younger generations.

Organisations recognise that they need to attract and retain good people, have them working productively and be able to tap into that discretionary energy that can be a source of competitive advantage. Employers cannot tap into these resources if their employees cannot balance work and life. Companies are now researching the expectations of their employees to understand their issues and values.