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KPMG, as part of its ongoing corporate values programme, carried out an opinion survey on all its people. One of the overwhelming areas of concern – at all levels in the organisation – was the work/life balance.

KPMG is a client service orientated business, often characterised by hard work, long and, sometimes, unsocial hours. The firm wants to empower its people to become more involved in decisions about their workloads by putting work/life balance issues firmly on the business agenda, creating an environment where discussion of the balance is a regular and accepted part of the debate. In this way, early warning signs can be addressed, and concerns raised, in a timely way.

In addition to a range of family friendly policies, the firm is responding to the work/life balance challenge by encouraging its ‘values champions’ – members of senior line management groups and agents for the corporate values – proactively to encourage people to become engaged in the subject and to contribute to the management of the issue. The ‘solution’ may not be in the form of a policy or an initiative, but a greater awareness and understanding of business life and personal life conflicts/dilemmas and their possible consequences.

Corporate profile

  • 670 partners
  • 10,500 employees
  • Professional services sector
  • Annual fee income £1,038 million

Key work-life balance initiatives

  • Part-time
  • Job sharing arrangements
  • Enhanced maternity scheme
  • Paternity leave
  • Child care support and provisions

Business benefits

  • Sustained quality productivity
  • Greater business efficiency
  • Higher staff morale
  • Improved retention
  • Reduced sickness/absenteeism

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