Strategic objectives:

  • to provide an excellent service for our customers and give them value for money
  • to continually strengthen and improve our reputation in the business and local community as the market leader
  • to make the divisions within our business autonomous, thus freeing time to grow the business, examine other business opportunities, and give the partners more leisure time with the family
  • continue to improve profitability

In order to achieve these, we need to build a team of players who work in harmony, are conscientious and reliable, and who intend to stay on a long term basis with the company. To achieve these objectives, we are constantly looking for new incentives to retain staff and ensure that they are content in their work.

Corporate profile

  • 16 employees
  • 2 business divisions
  • 1500 customers

Key initiatives in work-life balance portfolio

  • Part-time
  • Flexible working
  • Compassionate and emergency leave
  • Healthcare and pension schemes

Workforce profile

  • 50% female 50% male

Business benefits

The most important factor in the success of our business is a permanent, reliable workforce. We know that the work life policies we have implemented have been successful in helping us to retain our skilled staff. We will continue to explore methods of improvement in our HR policies until we feel that we have got the right balance

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