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As a business we need to make the best use of all our employees by creating an environment in which they can give their best and have the opportunity to realise their full potential

Corporate profile

  • c.9000 excluding subsidiaries, some working in global businesses
  • energy sector
  • established in 19th century

Key work-life balance initiatives

  • Part-time working
  • Job Sharing
  • Term-time working
  • Home working
  • Enhanced maternity scheme
  • Paternity leave
  • Career breaks
  • On-site nursery in Aberdeen
  • Childcare adviser and help-line from Children@Work

Workforce profile

  • 24% female, 76% male
  • Over a third of graduate entry are female
  • 50% of staff are parents

Business benefits

Flexible working and our other work-life balance policies:

  • Help to retain skilled and trained employees
  • Match the requirements of the business with the needs of the employee
  • Help employees to balance their job and other interests
  • Increase skills, ideas and experiences through job-sharing
  • Increase flexibility to help manage peaks or troughs in workload
  • Complement our other Equal Opportunities policies and practices

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