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The case for innovative HR policies to meet the changing expectations of our people in balancing their lives within and outside work is overwhelming.

Corporate profile

  • 77000 employees
  • financial services sector
  • 34 business divisions
  • 15 million customers
  • Lloyds established 1698, merged with TSB 1995
  • company turnover: 7.4 billion

Key work-life balance initiatives

  • Work Options -flexible working patterns
  • Extended maternity and parental leave - up to 63 weeks
  • Paternity leave - 3 days
  • Compassionate and emergency leave
  • Career Breaks - up to 5 years
  • Confidential Care - counselling and employee support

Workforce profile

  • 66% female, 34% male
  • return rate for maternity leavers - 85%

Business benefits

Our aim is to be our customers' first choice, to be leader in our chosen markets, and to continue to focus on efficiency and control operating costs. Through our people we are looking to build and develop a capability which exceeds the expectation of our customers through innovative HR policies and practices. Leading to:

  • extended service provision
  • improved retention of key staff
  • reduced absence
  • 6% improvement in staff morale
  • 350,000 media value of positive publicity

Recruitment and training costs are substantial - averaging between 5-10,000 per head. The number of women returning to work after maternity leave has risen by 10% over the last 5 years - saving us 1.4 million a year in turnover costs. The hidden cost of absence is rarely measured. Whilst in Lloyds TSB we have lower than national rates of absence, a 1% reduction in absence saves 10 million a year.

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