Public Sector Morale Drops in First Half of 2012

Public Sector Morale Drops in First Half of 2012 has carried out research that reveals public sector morale to be lower than it has ever been before, with industrial relations worsening. Only 17% of people working in the public sector say that morale is high, while 53% say that it is currently low.

24% of those surveyed said that they would be prepared to support strike action, while another 26% said that they would consider industrial action that was not a strike. This is in contrast to the 18% who said that they would support strike action back in November. Also, it was found that if the government …

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Soldiers Sacked to Avoid Pension Payments

Soldiers Sacked to Avoid Pension Payments

After the recent scandal which saw many armed forces employees notified of their redundancies via email, you would have thought that the top military brass would be keen avoid further controversy. Not so it seems, if a recent report in The Telegraph is true.

It has been alleged that the British army has made a raft of experienced soldiers redundant recently, to avoid triggering additional pension payments.

Under the present rules, armed forces employees aged 40 or over with either 16 or 18 years of service, are entitled to claim a pension and a tax-free lump sum when leaving the British Army. …

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Redundancy – What does it really mean?

Redundancy - What does it really mean?

A quick search of Google will tell you exactly what the word ‘redundant’ means, and in a cruel twist, they have even made the need to click on a link, you’ve guessed it, redundant!

“No longer needed or useful; superfluous”

No longer needed or useful… Surely we are not talking about people here, and instead we are referring to the odorous remnants of last night’s take away. So what does it mean to be made redundant?

I can tell you from personal experience that you are presented with a sudden rush of mixed and often surprising feelings. It starts with …

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