Employers and work-life balance

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Business case – References and Sources

1. DTI The second work life balance study. Results from the employers survey- executive summary 2003

Survey details

WLB2 employers data was taken from 1509 interviews of which got a 60% response rate. Between December 2002- April 2003 the survey was conducted.

It was conducted by National Centre for Social Research for DTI and a quantitative study was undertaken among employees (MORI 2003)

2 . Association of graduates careers advisory services (AGCAS) Manufacturing Sector section 2003

3. University of Hertfordshire ( TUC Changing Times News – Issue 13 – 9 th January 2003)

Incomes Data Services (IDS)(Hours and holidays 2003, IDS Studies 760, October 2003)

4. The Working and Caring in London 2002 survey – by Parents at Work, the City of London Early Years Development and the Childcare Partnership (www.parentsatwork.org.uk)

5. IRS Employment Review 797 2003.

Survey details
The research included responses from 208 UK employers, surveyed in late 2003. Three in four (75.0%) operate in the private sector, with services accounting for almost half (46.6%) of the total sample. Almost three in 10 (28.4%) are in manufacturing and production, with the remaining one in four (25.0%) in the public sector. By size, the sample represents a good spread across organisations of all size. Three in 10 (31.4%) employ fewer than 250 employees; a similar proportion (30.4%) between 250 and 999, with the remaining 38.2% employing more than 1,000 people. This year, the survey also includes a matched sample: one in four (24.8%) of those who replied to the same survey in early 2002 responded again this year.


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