Employers and work-life balance
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Business case – The business benefits

Good work-life balance policies and practice are good for business, and some benefits can be directly measured financially. These include:

The business benefits

  • Increased productivity
    • The DTI study 2003 revealed that 49% of companies saw a positive increase in productivity.

  • Improved recruitment and retention:
    • BT saved £3m in recruitment costs in the year to March 2003, since 98% of women returned after maternity leave. More…

  • Lower rates of absenteeism:
    • The London Borough of Camden experienced a 2.5% reduction in the cost of sickness absence in the first year it introduced a work-life balance strategy. More…

  • Reduced overheads:
    • BT saved £52m in overheads in the year to March 2003 by increasing its number of home workers; this also means an annual saving of £10m in fuel costs. More…

  • An improved customer experience

  • A more motivated, satisfied and equitable workforce.
    • The DTI found that over 94% of employers agreed that people work best when they can achieve a work-life balance.

See here for the references we have used.


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