Employers for Work-Life Balance aims to complete its work by December 2000. The following activities are being undertaken to meet its objectives:

  • A website for employers has been established, providing information on objectives, research, sign-posting to relevant organisations that can provide advice and information on implementing work-life policies, case studies and a calendar of key events happening during the year.
  • An information line for employers is being provided, offering information to employers and directing them to relevant organisations for further assistance.
  • A voluntary module on work-life issues is being considered with Investors in People.
  • An employer manual is available which provides guidance and support on how to begin taking action. This has been developed by the Work-Life Research Centre and is available from the Industrial Society.
  • A small business manual and guide has been produced, offering specific guidance and support on how to take action on work-life issues.
  • 10 regional seminars will be run to share best practice and information amongst employers.
  • Employers for Work-Life Balance will be represented on a Ministerial Advisory Committee on Work-Life Balance.