If you have an example of where your organisation has successfully managed to meet business needs and individual needs around the issue of work/life balance we would like to hear about it.

If you could summarise your example as follows we would like to put some casestudies onto our website for others to learn from. You can chose to make these anonymous or to name your organisation. Anonymous casestudies may be included on this site.


1) Name of Organisations (optional):

2) Industry sector:

3) Number of employees:

4) Describe the scenario/best practice/intervention in 300 words or less:

5) What has the impact been on the business/organisation?

6) What has the impact been on the individual/s involved?

7) What made it a success?

8) What could other organisations learn from your experience?

We may wish to contact you to explore your casestudy further. If you are willing to be contacted could you leave your details as follows:






Many Thanks.