What Is Employers For Work-Life Balance?

Employers for Work-life Balance has been formed by an alliance of business leaders who believe that the introduction of work-life policies has benefited their organisation. Supported by the Prime Minister, it aims to share best practice and establish a one-stop shop for employers for information on work-life issues. The business leaders of the following organisations have established Employers for Work-Life Balance:

ASDA Stores LtdCase Studywww.asda.co.uk
BBCCase Study
BMW GroupCase Studywww.bmw.co.uk
British Telecommunications plcCase Studywww.bt.com
Classic CleanersCase Study
Druid Case Studywww.druid.com
Edinburgh City CouncilCase Study 
Eli Lilly & Company Ltd. www.lilly.co.uk/employ.htm
Heygate & Son 
HSBC Bank plcCase Studywww.hsbc.co.uk/diversity
KPMGCase Study
Littlewoods Organisation plcCase Studywww.littlewoods.co.uk
Lloyds TSB Group plcCase Study
Marks and Spencer plcCase Study
Nationwide Building SocietyCase Studywww.nationwide.co.uk
Northern Foods plcCase Studywww.northern-foods.co.uk
PricewaterhouseCoopersCase Studywww.pwcglobal.com/uk
Prudential plcCase Studywww.prudential.co.uk
The Royal Bank of Scotland GroupCase Studywww.rbs.co.uk  
Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Limited Case Study 
Shell Companies in the UK Case Studywww.shell.co.uk
Standard Life Case Study 
Unilever Case Study
Xerox(UK)Ltd. Case Study