Employers and work-life balance

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Work-life balance quick benchmarking quiz comments

Question 1
While organisations should be doing everything they can to encourage flexible working, there is no advantage in letting businesses go under. In a DTI study, 69% of employers thought they had a responsibility to help staff achieve a healthy balance, and two thirds of those qualified that by saying it should not be at the cost of the business.

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Question 2
Clearly there should be no bias against flexible workers when it comes to promotion – it should always be awarded on the basis of the person best qualified for the job. In a DTI survey 74% of employers thought that flexible workers were just as likely as others to be promoted, although 10% thought flexible working would damage promotion prospects.

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Question 3
There are five new areas of legislation. In a DTI survey, 45% of employers were aware of the right to paid and unpaid leave for parents of adopted children, 71% of the right of employees to request flexible working, 66% of the changes to maternity leave entitlement regardless of length of service, 60% of the right to an additional 26 weeks unpaid maternity leave and 51% of the new legislation regarding paid paternity leave.

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Question 4
The DTI survey disclosed that 66% of employers judged the measures they had introduced to be cost effective and 91% thought that costs had been minimal or non-existent. Anecdotal evidence suggests that some companies achieve financial benefits by introducing more flexible work practices.

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Question 5
81% if employers in the DTI survey said that flexible practices had had a beneficial impact on employee relations and 60% had a lower staff turnover rate after their introduction. 45% had seen improved recruitment, 47% had seen reduced absenteeism and 48% had experienced improved productivity.

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