5 ways to keep the workforce happy and healthy


The benefits of a fit and healthy workforce are obvious, with increased productivity and a decrease in sick days among the most important. But what can an employer do to promote a healthy workplace?

Provide Free Fruit

Increasingly companies are providing a reglar supply of fresh fruit for their staff. This helps to ensure that employees have a balanced, vitamin rich diet which in turn helps to fight off illness before it takes hold.

Discount Gym Membership

Many of the larger chains of Gym, e.g. Virgin Active, offer a discount to corporate members. It can be expensive to take up a gym membership, and, unlike with a normal gym membership, corporate options often come without a joining fee as well as a reduced monthly cost.

Encourage People to Cycle to Work

The UK Government offer fantastic tax breaks as part of their Bike to Work Scheme. This makes purchasing a new bike highly cost effective, especially when it can save money on fuel or public transport.

Offer Private Health Insurance

Unfortunately, sometimes staff will become seriously ill, but by offering private health insurance through a supplier like Bupa or Axa, you can at least ensure that employees get the best possible treatment and are back at work as soon as possible. It also provides staff with great piece of mind.

Organise Lunchtime Activities

One of the most common sights in a modern office environment is of people eating their lunch at their desk. Getting out of the office at lunchtime helps to refresh employees and keeps concentration high throughout the day. More and more companies are now offering organised lunchtime activities such as running clubs, cultural visits and even yoga.