What can you do with a product design degree?


Those choosing to pursue a career as a product designer need to gain both theoretical and practical design skills, so it’s best to find a degree programme that offers a broad knowledge of materials and production methods. The product design degree programme available at Ravensbourne allows you to further these skills and realise your career aspirations.

Career options

Maybe you want to become an exhibition designer, a further education lecturer, or an industrial product designer. Once you’ve graduated with a design degree, there are plenty of options open to you.

Try to broaden your career options by expanding your …

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5 ways to keep the workforce happy and healthy


The benefits of a fit and healthy workforce are obvious, with increased productivity and a decrease in sick days among the most important. But what can an employer do to promote a healthy workplace?

Provide Free Fruit

Increasingly companies are providing a reglar supply of fresh fruit for their staff. This helps to ensure that employees have a balanced, vitamin rich diet which in turn helps to fight off illness before it takes hold.

Discount Gym Membership

Many of the larger chains of Gym, e.g. Virgin Active, offer a discount to corporate members. It can be expensive to …

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